About GAP University

Detailing Training

A variety of detailing issues can arise on a daily basis. From begineer to expert, there is always more to learn. We can help you with all of it.

  • DIY Training Courses
  • Entry Level Courses
  • Intermediate Courses
  • Paint Correction/Buffing Courses
  • Wet Sanding and Scratch Removal
  • Rock Chip Repair
  • Headlight Restoration

Service Advisor Training

With full advisor training, you will be able to offer a consistent credible message, maximizing labour dollars per R/O with GAP Auto’s maintenance products and services.

  • Service Advisor
  • Service Advisor 101
  • Product Knowledge Training
  • Service Drive-thru Training
  • Sales Training

Technician Training

Our certified trainers will teach you how to properly use fluid exchange equipment and what the function of the chemicals and fluids do. We change as the industry changes, so there is always new technology and old skills to brush up on.

  • Certified Training Programs
  • Technical Equipment Courses
  • Technical Fluid and Chemical Courses
  • Safety Training
  • Technology Updates