Wynn’s Routine Defense Service Kit

Part#: 20116


  • 10/Case

Kit Includes:

  • Cleans Away Gum, Varnish and Carbon Deposits
  • Restores Air Flow for Smooth Performance & Idle
  • Effective on All Induction Systems
  • Exceptional GDI Cleaning Chemistry
  • Reduces Stalling and Hesitation
  • Decreases Exhaust Emissions
  • Improves Drivability
  • Helps Restore Fuel Economy

Advanced Power Clean:

  • Cleans GDI and PFI Fuel Injectors, Intake Valves (PFI), Ports (PFI), and Combustion Chambers
  • Restores Power, Performance and Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Friction, Component Wear and Fuel Oxidation
  • Compatible with Gasoline up to E-15
  • One-Tank Cleanup
  • Treats up to 20 gallons
  • No Harm to Motor Oil Cleanliness

Wynn’s® Clean-SweepTM Intake/Induction Cleaner is specially formulated to attack carbon build-up on intake valves and in combustion chambers of GDI engines. This exceptional product can remove even the hardest baked-on carbon. Internal combustion engines are designed to maximize power by converting as much fuel as possible to energy. Even with the most current, state-of-the-art engine designs, some fuel undergoes incomplete combustion and forms carbon deposits instead. With a mixture of polar, nonpolar, aromatic, and aprotic solvents, Wynn’s® Clean-SweepTM Intake/Induction Cleaner dissolves and removes carbon deposits resulting in improved performance.

Wynn’s® Advanced Power Clean™ is the solution to remove carbon buildup and improve drivability. This exceptional blend of detergents offers the most effective cleaning possible for GDI and PFI engines. Over the past decade, gasoline direct injection engines (GDI) have become the dominant fuel delivery system in production. GDI technology, while improving performance and fuel economy, contributes to more deposit formation and particulate emissions. Wynn’s® Advanced Power Clean™ is designed to efficiently clean your fuel system in one-tank

Weight 3.250000 lbs
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